Sunday, 6 September 2015

Renovation project - There is a strange noise in the chimney!

Renovation project - There is a strange noise in the chimney!

The little house living room looks bright and fresh, John has painted everywhere white, the chimney has been cleaned and cleared up and painted with a board added to stop anything coming down until it is capped, when I hear a funny noise. It sounds like there is something in the chimney.

John assumes it is a bird, so we block all the doors and open the living room window and the front door and John slowly removes the board from the chimney, but nothing other than some dirt (not good).

We wait a while but nothing, oh well it must have been birds on the top of the chimney, we board it back up and re clean the fireplace.

As John is busy packing and I am typing I hear the noise again, there is defintiely something up there.

So once again we block everything off and remove the board to hear a thump.

A baby bird drops down, it mus have been on a ledge in the fire, it is exhausted the poor little thing.

a strange noise in the chimney

a strange noise in the chimney

We do not want to touch it in case its mother is looking for it and John suggests putting it in a box and leaving it in the back garden,

Now this may sound like a good idea, but we have cats either side so the little thing would not be there for long.

It looks like it is almost ready too fly and can jump around, but we can't leave it here.

We decide to phone a friend, these people will rescue anything (and have done since arriving in France!)

They come out on a rescue mission and take the baby bird away, it is given a nice home in their barn with open access to outside for when it can fly, apparently it is already calling to the other rooks in their field.

We are sent a photo of him later and he seems very happy. Fly free little Boris (this was not our choice of name but it does seem to suit him)


I am so happy that he was saved, John is not so happy as he now has soot and dirt all over the beautifully painted fireplace and has to give it another coat, but as I said its not as if he has anything else to do such as packing all of our belongings, sorting the car, clearing any loose ends..........

But hopefully karma will come back and thank us.

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