Sunday, 13 September 2015

Renovation Project - Leaving France

Renovation Project - Leaving France

I am awake by 6 am, I am not sure if it is nerves or the amount of wine I drank last night, but I feel a bit dodgy (not good considering we are going to be driving for miles over the next few days)

By 6.30 I give up trying to go back to sleep and get up, I manage to sort out all the bits and pieces I needed to do. John is up and about by 7.30 and we sit and have a coffee outside, this is it, we are actually leaving Huelgoat, we have had so many happy times here and the memories will stay with us for ever, but it is time to move on.

The car is almost packed, it is just the things for our journey we need, so as we are getting those together I realise I do not have my health cards or the cheque book. I ask John if he has seen them and he hasn't. I think I have maybe left them at the physio yesterday, so I call and check and no, they are not there.

We cannot find them in the house and we have unpacked our bags and searched through them, there is nothing for it, we have to look through the car, I can't believe we are unpacking, and even worse they are not there, at this point I have a panic attack, not good and something I have not had for a long time, so poor John is having to calm me down when I think he actually wants to kill me!

We are now late for our setting off time and as I move the big red bag (which we had unpacked) I realise they are underneath it, we have searched everything apart from the most obvious place, but all's well, we can now set off, we are only a little late.

The last bits go in the car, the house is all locked up, it's time to leave, but!

The car won't start!

The battery is as flat as a pancake, John unpacks the car again whilst I call our friend Brian to come and give us a jump-start, but there is no where to park his car, the road is busy, in the end he just blocks the road but we still can't get the car started.

We consider going to buy a new battery, but luckily, the driver of the car in front returns and we ask them to move their car so that we can get Brian’s behind us, the leads are now properly in place.

After a few minutes the car starts.

I am really thinking something is telling us not to leave today, but all the hotels are booked.

We pack the car for the third time and this time we really are off.

Good bye Huelgoat, thanks for everything!

jenny and john in Francejenny and john in France


  1. Bye bye guys... You will be missed!! Xx
    But here's to new adventures ahead!

  2. Good luck on your new journey! Can't wait to read all about it!

    1. Thanks Janice, I'm looking forward to writing it :)