Monday, 30 September 2013

Renovation project - The wonderful world that is Wilmslow, UK

Renovation project - The wonderful world that is Wilmslow, UK

The trip home is going reasonably well, I am stressed out of my head but I am getting to see my daughter and granddaughter most days and it is lovely to be able to bath her and put her to bed, the baby that is!

The last time we visited Wilmslow, there was the most wonderful Artisan market, this time we are told there is a car show, we go to have a look and being Wilmslow this is obviously no normal car show. We had expected to see cars parked on a field somewhere but no, there are crowds of people on the roads, we notice some very nice cars pass by, but being Wilmslow this is not unusual, until we realise the police have blocked the roads and this is the car show!

There are Porsches, Ferraris, and an awful lot of other cars that I don’t know the name of. The cars are driving around the town centre; the most exciting bit is that there are actually a few formula two type cars!!!
Rather than just tootling around the cars are almost racing, at one point, the wheel spins and drifting in the middle of the traffic lights with just one police man stopping traffic and a few hundred people leaning forward to get a better view!

We have a walk around some of the stalls that have been set up and look at the car we will buy (when we win the Euro Lottery!!!!!)

The funniest bit is that a couple of Porsches actually come out of the supermarket and end up in the car show, they do not look out of place and this is why we didn’t know the show had started.

The Wilmslow area of Cheshire is a very nice area and if you ever get to visit the UK I would recommend spending a couple of days in this area, taking in Alderley Edge, Jodrell Bank and the Cheshire Plains, you can car spot, people watch (you will meet many of the biggest name football players here) or just idle away a few hours in fabulous scenery. And if you want the big city lights Manchester is just a short train journey away.

And when you are hungry there are so many restaurants or cafes to choose from, or you can just get pie and chips the best is Big Blue, but again being Wilmslow, it is gourmet pie and chips with a bottle of Prosecco!!!!!

We also recommend getting a Chinese take away from any of the local take a ways they are the best we have ever eaten Yang’s and Flame and Wok are our favourites (and now we don’t get paid to advertise these, but feel that they are just too good not to mention)

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