Friday, 20 September 2013

Renovation Project - The BBQ finally makes it outside

Renovation Project - The BBQ finally makes it outside

Today gives us another big dilemma, well it’s not a dilemma for me as I know exactly what  I want, it’s a dilemma for John as he doesn’t want to do what I want, I wonder who will win?????

The wall between the kitchen window and back door is one that was in a really bad way, it is the part of wall beneath where the old toilet had leaked and there had been really bad rot, something has to be done to the wall, I want to remove all of the plaster and expose the stone wall but John thinks the stones may not be good enough to be exposed. We discuss this for quite some time until I point out that for how long it is taking us to discuss it we could’ve done it!

He eventually agrees and oops he was right! The stones are not good enough to be exposed and the plaster has been put on top of cement so trying to get it off is a night mare, we spend hours on this job knowing that we will have to replaster, this is the royal we as actually it will be John replastering and not me.

Once it is all off we realise it was the right thing to do as the wall is not in good shape and there is still some rot in the beam above the door. John removes all of this and treats the wood.

I end up with a dreadful headache and now we know it is the fumes from the wood treatment, even with a mask on the smell is terrible, it does not bother John at all but this is something worth noting, if you are going to use chemicals you may react to them, be aware!!!!!

Next to come out is the kitchen sink, again this has been concreted in to place and there is no option but to remove it with brute force. This is not a major issue as we have a number of old sinks that we can replace it with, we just have to find one with no cracks or chips.

The most exciting bit of today is that the BBQ finally makes it outside, it has been moved to the kitchen terrace (or the bit of hard standing that is outside the kitchen window) but one day this will be our kitchen terrace!!!!

We are actually going to have a real kitchen, the house is definitely starting to come together I’m so excited I don’t worry too much about the fact that we won’t have a working kitchen and my beautiful bath will be used for pot washing!


  1. Actually a mask is no good for fumes at all it is only good for dust, you should be using a respirator

    1. Hi Michael, thanks for pointing it out and yes i did simplify things by saying face mask, there are many different types available the more sophisticated also stop low level fumes.