Sunday, 4 November 2012

Renovation project - fried breakfast and beautiful Plymouth - Friday 19th October 2012

Renovation project - fried breakfast and beautiful Plymouth - Friday 19th October 2012

First things first, a hearty breakfast in the hotel, it is the full English fry up, which 4 months ago we would’ve enjoyed, now we just feel sluggish and full of greasy fat (this is on top of last night’s curry) I opt for a choc au pain and it is disgusting, it’s like eating a lump of lard. I have a feeling we are going to miss our new healthy eating habits and the not so healthy but fabulous fresh baked croissants.

Once fed and showered we set off for the nearest shop selling sat nav’s. We find a Halfords, pick out the sat nav we bought to take to France (which as you may remember is now in the possession of some scruffy scroat in France).

We go to pay and don’t have the card, so back to the car, we now have the card and can’t remember the number, so john gets his phone out to find the battery is dead, so back to the car again for a battery charger and we stand with the lad from the shop waiting for our phone to charge so we can retrieve the pin number, yesterdays technological breakdown is spilling over into today.

It is only 11am and we have arranged to be at Friends in Staffordshire this evening so we take the opportunity to explore Plymouth, this is a beautiful town on the South coast of Devon (it does have its bad points but these can be easily missed) we park the car at Plymouth Hoe and walk around the coast.
Plymouth brings back some lovely memories of when my daughter lived in the area and the fact that I had planned to move here a few years ago to open my tea shop or have a little B&B. This was before I met John, its funny how things turn out.

The morning was fantastic and the sun was shining, lots of photos were taken and we highly recommend anyone heading to England to pay a visit.

The Cenotaph at the Hoe is a very sobering place, when you see how many names or written on there.
We set off early afternoon and are making good time so we decide to stop for a late lunch, we see signs for Taunton and pull off the motorway, it was not what we expected at all, and would recommend anyone considering a visit changes their mind or just has a drive through so you can say you have been. We end up buying sandwiches from Sainsbury (this was the best option we found, so you can now understand why we don’t recommend it as a visitor hotspot!)

Arrive in Ashbourne early evening and it is so nice to see Kate, Phil and the kids a lovely evening is enjoyed with lots of food, laughter and wine


  1. Just got back from England and I still love the Full English Breakfast :) Also we find Brittany Ferries quite reasonable vs the 8-hour drive to Calais, as long as you get a reclining seat or a cabin on a longer crossing. We went via Caen/Portsmouth about 6 hours on the boat, Cherbourg/Poole is only three hours but only in summertime, and our favourite return is Portsmouth/ St Malo.

    We also found we could eat really cheaply in some of the better pubs, dinner in Portsmouth was G&T for June, 2 beers for me and full on Sunday roasts - total £19.50!



  2. Sad to say but the English breakfasts are starting to taste better :)

  3. Hi David, sorry for my late reply, hope you had a good trip to the UK, I bet it seems so long ago now! yes eating out in the UK is definitely better value, we were lucky staying in Manchester there are unlimited places to eat, if you ever go try to visit Rusholmes curry mile, highly recommended :)