Friday, 30 November 2012

Hello world we're back

Back to the blog

Well hello world, it feels like years since I last updated the blog and even longer since we were in France, it’s also amazing how quickly you can slot back in to the stress of living back in your old life.

We had every intention of coming back to England, doing a bit of work and seeing family and which we have done and it has been amazing, but work takes over so quickly, I am back to sitting at my laptop till silly o clock and travel for hours to do a day’s work.  

I had forgotten how horrible it was to sit on a cold train station platform only to be informed that the train is running late (over and over again!!!!) or the joy of sitting on the M6 or M60 looking at the signs telling you to drive at 40mph, if only you could as normally you are sat still or crawling in first gear and the signs still mock you.

The weather has been another thing altogether, how much rain can one small island have? I feel like I am about to develop gills, yes OK I know it rains in Brittany (a lot) but at least it does stop at times and even the sun pops out, but here it is just  constant, Oh no I have just exaggerated, it stopped last night and the temperature dropped to minus 2.

Right I have moaned and ranted enough, five weeks back in the UK and I know we have definitely made the right decision.

But on a positive note I will now add a number of posts about all the good times we have had here, soooo many friends to see, parties to go to, so many different places to eat, think we may have fell in love with Rusholmes famous curry mile all over again and the arrival of the most precious present ever known, my baby granddaughter.

If you are new to the blog, it is not normally a moan fest, but I had to get it out so I could start on all the good bits, so sit back and enjoy a bit of Manchester and a bit of my posh daughters haunts in Cheshire.

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