Our Travels

This page will detail our trips and visits to other towns, cities and countries. We would appreciate any suggestions for future trips as we don’t ever intend to stop travelling.


  1. Awww thanks, going to start blogging on our trips as well just wish we'd done it on our big trip last year, but you never know I might do a retrospective blog :)

  2. Jenny,

    Just a few ideas of places that I like that we have been to, China, Beijing to give access to the Great Wall, Shanghai and of course Hong Kong. I love most Asian countries Bali away from the tourist spots is beautiful I am lucky in that I have been there over 20 times, Thailand as well. The west coast of America, I drove the route 101 coast road from LA to San Francisco last year and it is stunning the year before I did roughly the same amount but inland and through Sequoia National park and Yosemite a really beautiful area.
    We have been to New Zealand lots of times ( we have a daughter there ) and although both north and south islands are lovely the South Island in particular is beautiful.
    We did a 1500 road trip around the Canadian Rockies about 3 or 4 years ago ending up in Calgary to see the Calgary stampede again something I would recommend ( I wanted to live in Canmore , near Banff when we were there for a few days.

    Just a few ideas, like you as you can see I love travelling, off to Florida in a few weeks and possibly Malaysia later in the year.
    Have fun.

  3. wow Michael, that sounds amazing, we have been looking at the American road trips but we are just planning another European trip this year.

    Be great to catch up with soon :)