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I’m 40, Oh My God!!!!!!!

I was planning on having a big party but when we totted up the cost, it was actually a lot cheaper to go away for the weekend and so began our tour of Europe. Over the next few years we visited more and more places and stayed for longer until we decided not to come back.

The main page of this blog will detail our life as we renovate a derelict house in to a B&B in a town called Huelgoat, Brittany, France.

Take care and enjoy our journey, and if you feel inspired let us know where you go

We have written a guide e-book about moving to Brittany, France. The book provides all the basic necessities you need to know about moving to Brittany and you can find it on the following link

One way ticket to Brittany, France

One way ticket to Brittany, France. http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B017MDI2ZW/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_xkBpwb1G3FMHH

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  1. Hi,
    I spoke to John outside your house on the day you were leaving, My wife Avril, and I moved to Huelgoat just over a year ago and love it here.

    I have been a builder for a lot of my working life but the house we bought here needed very little work apart from a large decking area I installed.

    I will try and call in sometime when you are back, I've been reading your blog which I have to say puts mine to shame.

    Anyway take care and good luck with the conversion.


  2. Hi Michael
    John said he spoke to you, be great to meet up when we get back. Just had a look on your site and your health advice is really good, we have to sort this out when we come back
    take care

  3. Hi !!

    I just found your blog via one of your other followers (David in Vannes) who said that where I was moving to in Brittany was quite close to you, and he pointed me to his link on his website (http://ca2brittany.wordpress.com/).

    We have just bought a house in Kerneizon, just outside of Cleder, and are going to move in July - after my son has completed his A-levels here in the UK.

    Am going to read your renovations adventures, with a cup of coffee I think, and see what you have started here.. and what is in my future! :)


  4. Hi Gerda

    Hope you enjoy our tales and they don't put you off :)

    good luck with the move and if you want to ask anything or meet for a coffee when you come over send me an e-mail

    good luck

  5. Hi Jenny,

    We have a place near Plouye not far from Huelgoat. I've enjoyed reading your blog so much I've mentioned it in my latest blog post '5 Brilliant Brittany Blogs' - see here: http://www.lostinfinistere.com/1/post/2013/09/5-brilliant-brittany-blogs.html.

    Hope to meet up one day on one of our trips to Brittany.

    Take care.


    1. thanks Maria, feel free to pop in anytime you are passing :)

  6. Dear Jenny

    My name is Joe Pinzone and I'm casting an international travel show about expats moving abroad. We'd love to film in France and wanted to know if you could help us find expats who have moved there within the last 15 months or have been there for 3-4 years, but recently moved into a new home. The show documents their move to a new country and will place the country in fabulous light. The contributors on the show would also receive monetary compensation if they are filmed. If you'd like more information, please give me a call at 212-231-7716 or skype me at joefromnyc. You can also email me at joepinzone@leopardusa.com. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Joe Pinzone
    Casting Producer
    P: 212-231-7716
    Skype: Joefromnyc

  7. You have done what we dreamed of doing, unfortunately for us it has not happened, and now never will.

    We were totting up the other day how many times we had visited France and it was a lot. We had some fabulous times there both renting gites and taking our caravan over on eurotunnel. 2008 wa the last time we were there, we visited some friends who had bought an old mill and were gradually renovating it. Shortly after getting back, having vowed to make another attempt at moving there my husband was taken ill. It has taken us 6 years for them to sort out the problems in which time my health has deteriorated. I had to have a pacemaker fitted last June.

    I came to your blog via Frugal Queen. I will be going back and reading right from the beginning......

    1. Hi, glad you found us and hope you enjoy the whole story. I'm so sorry to hear about your health problems, but maybe this should not put you off, the health care in france is first class.
      I wish you well and hope you enjoy the blog

  8. Bought an old cottage near Pontivy in 1995, renovated it, retired to live there in 2000, and after 12 years wee are back in England. French health care wonderful, neighbours helpful and kind, delightful village where we were taken to the hearts of the locals. However, as 80th birthday loomed we knew it was time to go home to be near family. Wouldnt have missed any of it. and how different renovation was in the 90s, very few DIY places, no IKEAs, but somwhow we did it!

    1. wow good for you, we have loved doing our renovations, but would've been so much more difficult without the big shops. But I should imagine being able to go to the small local builders merchants helped you to integrate more easily. Happy birthday (when it arrives) and good luck in the UK

  9. Hello my name is Pamela LePage. Im 58 and single women and I seriously looking into moving to France outside of Paris to live, I will have a AA in Graphic Arts. and I live in the U.S. in Texas at the moment. I took French in High school and have a good handle on basics. I see a lot about the housing cost which Im very impressed with. But I do not see much about weather you need to by a car or not, or do you even need a car? I be looking at renting first. Any information you can lend would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You for your time.
    Pamela LePage

    1. hi Pamela, so sorry for the delay in replying. It is difficult to answer your questions as France is so big, so the weather is very different across the country. If you want to send me an e-mail with some specific questions, i'll try to answer them. kindest regards jenny

  10. Hi Jenny. I have just discovered your blog, only to see that you have completed your renovation project two weeks ago. I'm always late to the party! The house looks beautiful - what a lovely job you've done. Can I ask - have you found many Brits living in the area? Have you built up a social circle while you've been there?


    1. Hi Martin, thank you. there are a number of Brits spread around the area and we have a good circle of friends from a number of nationalities. Are you looking at moving to this area?

    2. Not me, but my sister lives only a few km south of you. She tells me she's having trouble finding other Brits in the area. It occurred to me when I saw this blog that you may be better connected. Do you have an email I can message you on that you're happy to publish here?

    3. Oh! Sorry - you've put an email address at the top of the page! I'll email you.


  11. Hello Jenny & John, found your blog just in time, as wife & I begining our search for a home in Brittany (southern coast we think), but 1st trip to Brittany is in July,
    Très excité); we're currently in Doha, Qatar (though I'm originally from Altrincham). We have friends with property in Paule & St Tugdual.
    Thanks for sharing the tips, found them most useful.

    1. Hi, glad you found the blog and good luck with your house search

  12. Hi Jenny

    Just found your blog and have really enjoyed reading about your renovations and your life in France. We are buying a house in Carhaix as a holiday home and love the area. We will need to find a builder to do some of our renovation work and I wondered if you had any tips on finding one or did you do all the work yourselves?


    1. Hi Nikki, so sorry for the delay, i Have only just seen your comment. the only tip we would give is to get at least 3 quotes and try to get personal recommendations where you can see the work that has been completed, good luck, carhaix is beautiful

  13. Hi we are in Berrien just up the hill from Huelgoat, we have been renovating out 16th century manoir for the last 4 years and opened a chambres d'hote in May this year, we have been very busy demand seems to outstrip supply, come up and see us sometime ! Bon chance Jacqui in Berrien

  14. Hi we are in Berrien just up the hill from Huelgoat, we have been renovating out 16th century manoir for the last 4 years and opened a chambres d'hote in May this year, we have been very busy demand seems to outstrip supply, come up and see us sometime ! Bon chance Jacqui in Berrien

    1. Hi Jacqui, sorry this comment came as we left, such a shame as it would´ve been great to see you. send me a link to your chanbres d´hote if you would like me to put a link on the face book page

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