Thursday, 22 March 2018

Renovation Project - Driving from France to Spain

Renovation project - Driving from France to Spain

We had a fab night in La Rochelle and I definitely want to go again some time, maybe even for a holiday, but the journey continues.

Our next stop is a quick lunch break in Bordeaux, no matter where we travel to, we always make sure that we can visit our favourite restaurant in Bordeaux, Santosha which is Thai street food with a South-East Asian twist. I am not paid for this review, but it is amazing, here is a link to Santosha , we just hope one day we will visit without rain!
Santosha, Bordeaux. France. Jenny and John in France

Santosha, Bordeaux. France. Jenny and John in France

We have been to Bordeaux a number of times if you want to see lots of photos and get more info, just write Bordeaux in the search this blog box and lots of blog posts will come up.

Tonight we are staying in Bayonne, in a nice chambre d´hote. It is a great location as we can visit Biarritz and St Jean Du Luz. We arrive early evening and after a short rest we set out to explore and rediscover some of our past haunts and memories.

Unfortunately we have a new sat nav and it drives us all over everywhere before eventually taking us into an underground car park with a large ramp, the car is completely loaded and the noise as we drive over is horrendous, our trip down memory lane is ruined as we both start to shout and I go into free fall panic thinking the car has just lost the exhaust.

Luckily it is OK but it is now dark and getting late, we give up on visiting this area and drive back to the B&B. we are now starving and just before we get back, we see a Chinese restaurant that is open, so we stop, the food is lovely but it really wasn´t what we had wanted for our last dinner in France!

Still tomorrow is another day and another country


  1. I am sure I have been down that same underground park, the bends were so tight there were paint marks on all the walls going down. I was the worst car park I have ever been into!