Monday, 10 April 2017

Renovation Project - Fun in the sun

Renovation Project - Fun in the sun
We have just had our first perfect weather weekend, the sun was bright, the sky was blue and the air was warm. It really was just perfect.
I spent Saturday with different friends sat in the garden, and I have now realised I really want my friends garden. I don’t actually want to do the work that is required, (well I would happily do the work I would just need someone telling me what to do and what to plant and when to plant it, in fact help every step of the way)  But to be able to sit here and relax is just perfect.
Renovation project - Huelgoat garden

Saturday evening we are going out for dinner at our local favourite restaurant, Le Crepuscule, if you ever visit Huelgoat, this place is a must, it is so easy going and the chef and owners are so friendly and multi lingual. But it is a great place to practise and improve our spoken French. If you ask them to correct you when you get it wrong, you can quickly learn restaurant French, essential for any holiday or the beginning of your language skills.
The food was fantastic and the wine flowed, unfortunately it flowed so well I forgot to take a photo of the main course!
Renovation project - Le Crepuscule Huelgoat, Brittany, France
But the night drew to an end and we all weaved our way home.

The Sunday I woke with such a bad head, I actually missed the sunniest day of our perfect weekend, but a day in bed never does you any harm and now we are not working in the same way, I am hoping to enjoy many more perfect weekends in our little bit of heaven.

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