Thursday, 30 March 2017

Renovation Project - English informer in France

Renovation project - English informer in France
Recently I have started to write a weekly article for the English Informer in France. I do not know if you have ever heard of this on line publication, but for anybody with an interest in France it is an absolute must read, here is the description
The English Informer in France provides an interesting and entertaining mix of clear, relevant and engaging content. This includes an online business directory, news, features, advice, life in France, property, culture, finance, blogs and entertainment. Our online magazine offers regional media coverage, through easy to navigate, effective, user friendly pages.

We love to hear other people's stories, hobbies and events. We are passionate about creating a platform for them.

The English Informer in France will keep our pages stocked with great content, but your contributions are invaluable.  "Be part of the story." 
I know it was so lazy of me to cut and paste, but there is no point re writing something that is so clear.
So you can either take a look and enjoy the magazine or if you have a great story get in touch with them to see about being in print.

Here is a link to my latest article, and the magazine. I hope you enjoy

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