Thursday, 23 June 2016

Renovation project - We have not disappeared!

Renovation project - We have not disappeared!

I have just realised that I have not blogged for quite some time, we have not disappeared and we have not stopped working, sometimes life just takes over and takes you in a direction you did not expect.
It has been a bumpy few weeks and I will explain why once I have caught up with myself, so the blog will be a little behind for a few weeks.
If our friends in Huelgoat are reading this don’t panic, it is not tonight that we are actually coming to dinner!
We had started to run very low on wood, so I called our wood guy and arranged a delivery, I’m not sure how but something got lost in translation on the telephone. As far as I was aware he was coming tomorrow, but just as we are getting ready to leave for dinner at a friend’s we receive a telephone call saying he will be here in five minutes.
This is not good, I explain that he was due tomorrow, which leads to a big discussion about how he is due today, we try to cancel and the phone goes dead, bugger have we just lost our reliable wood guy?

No he has just pulled up outside the house.
We explain that we will not have time to move the wood as it has to be dropped on the road (there is no way I am missing my roast beef dinner).
He says not to worry he will help to get it on the drive; I think there is no way he is taking it back!
I head off to the bank which will take 5 minutes to get his money and leave him and John to it, when I return it is all on the drive, I ask how the heck did the manage and apparently the guy parked as close as possible tipped some and between them they threw the rest on the drive.
Tomorrow I have a busy day but at least now I get my roast beef dinner
wood delivery in France


  1. One of those problems I would not have anticipated. Do you use the wood for cooking? Heating the house? I can't imagine needing a load of wood except in the winter, so now I'm curious.

    1. the wood is for heating, it is still cold inn Huelgoat (but the blog is behind by a a few weeks)

  2. Thanks for getting back to blogging !!