Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Renovation Project - The leaving date is set!

Renovation Project - The leaving date is set!

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The house sales that we were waiting for have now had dates set, but it is not for another couple of months, everything is in place and nothing else is needed for them, so we have decided to set our date for leaving. It is next week!!!!!!

This gives us a week at the little house, John has finished the bathroom and the kitchen, I am still working on making sure that the estate agency job is all tied up.

But this means that John is at a loose end again, I could happily throttle that man when he has nothing to do, he mopes around and gets under my feet just go and find a hobby!!!!!!

He decides to keep himself busy with doing little odds and ends around the house.

These are little jobs that do not take long but again make a big difference. The stairs to the top floor have been very badly installed, the beautiful turned staircase was removed and a straight flight added, this is a job he does not have the tools for so he sets about trying to find a reputable company to do this work whilst he can over see it, but being France nothing gets done that quickly. He does find a company and the owners will be able to communicate with them when we are gone.

We have made sure that the company came recommended and has been established for some time and is fully legal, this should ensure that the work is completed to a high standard and the owners can go back if there are any problems

He also decides to put new lights on the stairs, again bare bulbs had been left, he does a little boxing in and the result is a new shelf that is finished nicely and is now usable rather than being rubble with a bare bulb.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of after and we only have the before shot, oops sorry about that!

I must admit,, it is starting to feel strange now, we are going to be leaving, we knew this was going to happen, but it was in the future, the future is getting close now


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