Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Renovation project - I am not good at moving!

The past few days have been a bit strange, we are trying to sort out everything and clear the house, there is paperwork everywhere and I am still working so most of the clearing has been left to John, apart from the paperwork and this does not seem too be diminishing.

We also have all of our personal stuff which is mainly memories, the kids pictures, photographs and now the pictures made sent by my grand-baby, these are actually the only things that matter and have to come with us (apart from Johns TV, of which we now have 2!!!!).

The first things to go are Johns tools, we are taking them to our new house (yes I know I kept that quiet, but I really didn't want to jinx anything) we are going to move into our friends holiday home, these are the friends that we made in the summer when they came for a visit and John spent a couple of hours with his head down their toilet trying to fix it!

They have kindly said we can stay there for as long as we need and we have agreed to fix the bathroom, a nice exchange.

It is very strange watching the tools come down the stairs for the last time and for all of the tools to be emptied from the shed, but they are, and they are en route to the new house, which is on the same road, this is the smallest move we have ever done, it is literally 10 doors away.

But time is running away with us, we knew we were going to be moving, but I cannot pack for a holiday never mind a house move! John is uber efficient and keeps nagging me to get the paperwork sorted, which I am doing but I am sorting it in to piles that then get moved so have to be resorted and then moved again (can you see the problem here?)

Any way John decides he is going to help me, this causes a major spat as his idea of sorting is very different, so I see my arse and have a big hissy fit and start to through everything in the bin, this is not a happy day in the process of moving, and later I am kicking myself as I actually go through the bin bags and retrieve things, but it is all sorted.

We don't have that much in the end, excluding the tools, and most of it is moved by the end of the day.

Tomorrow we are at the notaires and it is time to hand the keys over to the new owners, we do our final clean though and set it up as though it was for B&B guests, I want to make sure everything is in place for the new owners.

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