Saturday, 30 May 2015

Renovation project - The deposit is paid

Renovation project - The deposit is paid

We have just been featured in another magazine, I still love seeing our story in print, even though this may be the last time.

This one is extra special though as the guests who are staying next week have just e-mailed to confirm their holiday and said that they were reading the magazine and saw us in there just after they had booked with us, it makes me feel like a bit of a celebrity!

The deposit has been paid by our buyers and confirmed by the notaire, there really is no going back now. We are on our last 10 days!

A lot of people who know me well, will know I am not the most organised person in the world, and for those that don't here is a prime example we move out on Tuesday morning and I have arranged too have guest stay until the Saturday.

That will give us exactly 2 days to pack the house and move!

But hey that's life and I do work better with a tight deadline.

I am also really busy working with the estate agency and I finally have my first sale go through very smoothly, at the same time I also confirm 4 more sales.

So at the moment I am working with the new couple who have just bought, dealing with 4 more sales and completing the sale on our property.

I'm sure some where at the beginning we said we had moved here to get away from stress, that is now completely out of the window and stress levels are at an all time high!

But on the bright side, my spoken french is coming along at a great rate and for all of those that are still worrying about making the move, yes you can move too France and be successful (if you are willing to put the effort in, I never said it would be easy but I will say it will be worth it!)

John has the fun of going through his shed, most of the time you can not move in this shed but it has to be emptied completely for the new owners and I really leave him to do this on his own.
It looks so different when he has finished!

The rest of the house will be quite easy as we are selling all of the furniture with the property, we are only taking our personal possessions, but that means emptying our bedroom. I have files and papers everywhere, but they can wait until we are ready to go.

The big bonus is how much weight I have lost since moving to France and as I go through my clothes, I realise that very few of them now fit me. Most women will understand this, I had clothes that I loved that had become too small, but I didn't want to get rid of them, because one day I was going too get back in to them!

Well that day has come and gone, the big bag that had traveled to France for my 'one day' are now too big and it is so nice to be able too clear them out.

Unfortunately I now have very few clothes that fit but hey, that just means a shopping trip once we have the money from the sale!

Happy days


  1. It's great that everything's going so well with your house sale. All the best for the future. X

  2. Congratulations, indeed! This is how you and John will stay young - learning new languages, taking on new projects, and making friends from the world over. Best of luck to you in Spain. Hope you will consider blogging from there as well. We so enjoy your personalities and your writing style, Jenny.

    1. thank you so much. Yes the blog will continue inn spain as we are hoping to do the same once we are there.