Monday, 7 April 2014

Renovation project - The trusty Volvo does have limitations!

Renovation project - The trusty Volvo does have limitations!

We have looked around at different types of decking and decided which one we want to buy, it is square decking measuring 800 by 800 and we have realised that the trusty Volvo does have its limitations, they do not fit in and as we need to buy 20 of them there is no way they will fit on the roof rack either! though we cannot get upset as we have managed to travel around Europe, move country with all our possessions and rebuild a house with no van, so one little set back will not stop us loving our car.

There is only one pallet left in the builder’s merchants so I ask Sheila if she would be willing to help me get them with her trailer, she is thank goodness and we set off after some very careful instructions on how to secure them!

We get the right amount and strap them in, please, please stay strapped in all the way home, I have this terrible vision of losing them one by one along the motorway and panic slightly all the way home but we get there with no mishaps.

As the sun is still shining and everywhere is dry, John decides to get on the roof and fix some slipped tiles while he still has the big ladders, this is a job that he has wanted to do for some time, but we could not risk him going up there in the wet.

It’s a quick job, but one that is really necessary. I still hate the idea of him up there (and being especially caring I hate the idea of him up there before we have finished, if he falls we are totally screwed, but I keep this bit to myself and just act the caring wife and say I’m more bothered about his safety!)

The roof is sorted and it’s time to lay the decking, we just have to decide which way we want the pattern to lie.That patio I was talking about is starting to take shape!

We do have one more momentous occasion; the BBQ has made it out into the garden (not anywhere in particular but out into the garden) This is one of the biggest moments of this project, for those that have followed from the beginning, the BBQ was one of our first purchases and was the only means of cooking we had in the house, once we filled all of the holes in the walls and floors it was no longer safe to use in the house and it moved outside the kitchen, but now it is finally moving towards its final resting place, it will take pride of place on the patio.

Today the BBQ is on its final step towards it’s forever home, I could cry with joy, it is almost as exciting as getting our first toilet, I have just realised how much my life has changed, a BBQ can bring me to tears, it used to be swanky hotels and job promotions, and although I do sometimes miss the swanky hotels I wouldn’t swap what we have now for my old life for anything!


  1. I admire you ability to imagine how things could be and then do it. Are your first visitors booked yet?

    1. Thanks Anji, we have nobody booked in yet as we still do not have a definite open day (or all of the furniture!) the website should be ready soon so then we can go live