Saturday, 18 March 2017

Renovation project - Storm damage

Renovation project - Storm damage
A few day ago we had a horrendous storm, normally we are fully protected here in the town but as I woke I saw there was no internet on my  iPad, not a big problem as this happens often, I just need to move it around to find the signal again (actually I think I just need to get a new iPad, but that’s a whole other story) any way, I moved it around and nothing, so I do the next  best thing and go to make a coffee, but the cooker ring won’t light, it’s at this point I try the light switch and nothing. I check the consumer unit and nothing has blown.
We have no electric, this is the first time for us in the town. I give a friend a call to see if they are in the same boat and no, theirs had come back on at 9.30 am. So hopefully it won’t be much longer.
I suggest a lazy day watching TV (yes Johns reaction was the same!) so no TV, no problem we can read on the internet, yep same reaction. I can’t even read on the kindle as the battery is not full and my laptop lasts 5 minutes without being plugged in.
It’s at this point you begin to wonder what did people do before electricity. We actually went back to bed for a couple of hours, so much for my new resolution of getting up and doing stuff!
We are still without electric in the afternoon, but at least the wind has died down now, we actually go and check a few houses that we know where the owners don’t live here, luckily all are OK with no visible damage.
At this point we decide we may as well go shopping and as we are driving the we see the damage, there are trees down all over and in this part of France a lot of the electric cables are over ground, at the moment the cables seem to be a resting place for the trees there are so many of them. But there are also as many workers out and about getting it sorted.
As we are driving back we see a pile of rubbish in a field, this is odd as the area is so clean and assume it was the storm, that is when we realise we have just passed where a mobile home used to be situated. we turn round and go back for another look and yes the mobile home is the two piles of rubbish, the rest of the caravan is scattered across the field and in the hedge!
Storm damage in Huelgoat, Brittany
As we get home the electric has been sorted and we are fully back up and running, this was our first and hopefully last day of no electric.

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